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Smart Media Data Recovery
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The digital photo recovery software available for download here is fully functional. Download and run the program to view the deleted photos that can be recovered from your Smart Media card. The software works on a "what you see is what you get" principle to recover photos. If you can see deleted picture using the download version then they can be saved once an activation key is purchased from this web site and entered into the program. You do not need to run the search a second time.

Follow these steps for Smart Media Recovery:

  1. Click the Download Here link above to download the installation file and it to your computer. The installation file is called "SmartMediaDataRecover-En-Setup.exe"
  2. Run the installation file and follow the on screen installation instructions. Install the software to your computer. DO NOT install the software on your Smart Media card.
  3. Connect your Smart Media card to your computer either using camera or via a USB card reader.
  4. Run the program. If you do not see your Smart Media card in the "Available Drives", click the "Refresh" button. If there is an error on your Smart Media card it may not be recognized as a drive letter. If you see a "physical drive" listed that is the same size as your Smart Media card, select and search this drive. If you still do not see your card listed, try changing the way that your Smart Media card is connected to your PC (e.g. use a USB card reader).
  5. Click the "Start" button to run the search". As deleted photos are located they will be displayed in the picture recovery results window. Click on the files found to preview the pictures in the Preview Window.
  6. The program must be activated to save search results. Purchase a product activation key from this web site. To enter the key, click on the "i" button and then "activate". Enter your name and key exactly as provided to you in the purchase confirmation email.
  7. To select photos to save, place a tick in the box next to the file name. To select multiple photos, hold down the SHIFT or CNTRL key, select files with your mouse, then press the SPACE BAR to turn the selection ticks on and off.
  8. Click the "Save Files" button and save the recovered photos to your PC. DO NOT save the files back to your Smart Media card until you have finished the Smart Media Recovery process.
Smart media data recovery
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